Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 | Appointments

Update 19.10.2010: yeah this is fixed 😉

Sometimes when you read a post you think – Hey this sounds great. Could be a solution I needed – right?

Well that´s what I thought regarding this new posting at the CRM Team Blog regarding Appointments

You can also now Track recurring appointments. Victory Lap!.

So a test would be the best way to proof. Lets start by taking a look at the system settings:


There´s a new tab for calendar. Max. Duration for one appointment in days – what should be the best value for this?

Lets start making a new appointment series:

Terminserie Termin_1

A new appointment every Thursday ending after 13 appointments.

Could I track this appointment in CRM 2011?


Yes, I can. But taking a look at the options: The time should be presented as busy – so this should be the status for the appointments in CRM too – right?

Wrong. The beta is showing the record status as free (see the red box)

Termin_4Sorry guys but this is not the status a service scheduler needs to schedule all appointments for his/her service team.

I hope this will be fixed in an Update Rollup for CRM 2011 or even better for RTM.

Lets talk about the settings for the calendar again. As you could see I could track an appointment series. What about scheduling another series:

Termin_6 Termin_7

Now lets play us with the duration and setup a duration greater than one day. What do you expect for tracking?


If you click on tracking first – nothing happens. But this is because the record has to be saved. If you´ll try to save the record you will get this popup message with a message that the duration you´ve created is not valid.

(Ignore the second message – cause my test candidate did not have an email address)

You can Ignore and Save the record, but I´m looking forward to the systemadministrators who will have phonecalls from their users – why this message? And then remind them what would be the default setting for duration of one appointment in the calendar settings Zwinkerndes Smiley

So take care of your system settings before you´ll be contacted from your users

And if you think this is just for appointment series – well lets take a look on a single appointment:


Lets say you want to schedule it from Oct. 20th 09.00am till Oct. 22nd 08:30pm.

Track this appointment.

Nothing will happen until you´ll save the record.


After doing so you´ll see the error popup message regarding a schedule error. Duration is not valid.

Okay. So let us regarding the roll out planning for CRM 2011. Add a question to your checklist:

  • How about the duration for appointments you want to track in CRM (Longer than one day, e.g. Business Travellers)?

Hope this helps. Stay tuned for further details.

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  1. Hey, this is Tripp Parker from the CRM Outlook Client team. I just wanted to let you know that the bug you spotted above regarding free/busy status has been fixed, and we will ship the correct behavior in RTM. Just FYI!

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