Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 | Upgrade from 4.0 by import Org

While doing some upgrade tests with my development environment I came up to an org I could not upgrade to 2011 by importing the ORG_Database with deployment manager. My first thought was

Are there any unsupported JScripts inside, I should delete before performing an Upgrade?

So check your JScripts before upgrade

But even more important you should take a look at your plug-ins registered in Database.

If you´re not sure if the plug-in is compatible to 2011 you should better unregister this plug-in and all the steps before upgrading your Database to 2011.

If you´ve disabled steps – delete them before performing an upgrade

Doing so, I could solve my issues upgrading this ORG-Database. Maybe you don´t need this step in RTM, but you better take a deeper look at your registered Plug-ins in Database – It´s worth it.

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