Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 | extremeCRM–Day 1

203061_100000897469520_6546359_nFirst day of extremeCRM in Rome. Bob Stutz on stage not only presenting latest news on Polaris release. Also explaining why UR12 has to be dropped from the Download Center just minutes after Bytes got published. „We won’t ship features with Update Rollups anymore. Update Rollups will continue to have bugfixes and there will be a new way rolling out features for On-Premise users.“ Looking behind the scenes there’re a couple of design principals used to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM an even more loved solution in the future.


Designing the new UX with process driven UI, Cross-Browser Support and Ubiquitous Access are challenging. It should be simple, usable, modern and fast. But in the end a solution needs to be loved.

203061_100000897469520_6546359_nFinally Palak Kadakia showed us a little bit more from the upcoming iPad Experience and Yammer Integration. NewUI looks great and with a little bit more space added, Touch Experience on an iPad makes it easy to navigate, adding data or just selecting and copy things for sharing them in an email. We won’t have to wait long to get our hands on this.

And what should be next?

203061_100000897469520_6546359_nWatch the screenshot taken from the announced Roadmap & Vision. There’s a lot more to come within the next upcoming month. Finally you should use your CRM on any device you want. Collaborating, sharing, searching across platforms and other upcoming features.

Oh I forgot to introduce our MC David Brown and the other sessions with great content offered so far and finally an Ask-the Experts round with my MVP Colleagues and Microsoft Partner Technology Advisors. We had some great questions and should have offered an answer for everyone. If not use my email address and send me your questions or use the comment function. Your’re welcome.


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Ein Gedanke zu “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 | extremeCRM–Day 1

  1. Danke für die News! Was ich aber einfach nicht verstehen kann, ist, dass Microsoft sich nicht endlich mit den grundlegenden Problemen von MS Dynamics CRM beschäftigt. Ständig neue Features, aber Bestehendes wie beispielsweise die Suche von Aktivitäten, eine bessere Integration in MS Outlook und dergleichen werden nicht verbessert.

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