Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 | extremeCRM Day2/3


So back home from extremeCRM in Rome – what are the final things you might have missed or asking me to blog about?

Okay we didn’t had reliable internet connection, which of course can be a rough path, if you have to present on stage and we are all moving online…

But of course there´s a lot more to talk about then internet connections – so let’s get started:


Day #2

On day two we had so much great sessions that I only want to highlight a couple of things you should be aware of. First xRM Framework is still alive and you can build great Social CRM solutions on it as Tourism Ireland presented us. And after this we saw some nice little apps created within 24hours of AppChallenge.

Second even if there´s no Script Support on Polaris newUI yet and Customization of Process Control is limited, you can start creating a new process driven data collection. Creating and searching for cases for example is a lot easier then dealing with the grid, quick search or classic forms.

And if you think of Workflows that can do things from behind the scenes you will find a valuable platform creating your business needs.

One of the best sessions this day ended with was the Ask the Experts:
Polaris Deep Dive with the Microsoft Product Team session. Unfortunately a lot of questions why there´s no Script Support integrated yet, why there´re still limitations to the process control and will there be plans for the feature to enable new UI for ISV Development.

We also had questions around the yammer integration and the story behind. Will yammer documents move to Sharepoint and will Yammer and Sharepoint both join together.

One hour wasn´t enough to answer all the questions but if you want to build the story of Orion, Leo and … with the product team, go with Connect. Make use of it and start giving feedback to the product team. Also start voting for existing issues or suggestions you would like to see in future releases. You can help making Dynamics CRM your beloved CRM System.


Day #3

Starting the day with an Ask the Experts: Deployment Topics Session I was involved a 4th time on stage. I couldn´t answer as much questions as on day one, but I didn´t have to.

Finally our last session with Bill Patterson – Winning Today & Tomorrow. We had the chance to take a look on a first preview of Gemini Release which will start in Q2/2013 before Orion will be rolled out. We didn’t saw anything from Orion Release but could catch Q3/2013 as release date and the info this will be a major release candidate. So customers need to have a valid SA around this date to get this release.

There´s also a chance we will see Polaris and Orion as a mixture in the market. And it is still not determined, if the product name will be Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. If you take a look to other product names there´s still a chance having a Number for this release as well.


Quick Sum Up

So let me sum up this meeting and the information we got so far:


Design Principles for future releases and for your customized CRM as well

IMG_1554Simple: Focus on the essential functions with a clear, consistent purpose that matches user intention

Usable: Measure usability, incorporate feedback into designs

Modern: Create delightful, engaging people and process centric experiences

Fast: Design and deliver great perceived performance

and finally

Loved: Design for Love. Create software that people not only want to use, but simply can´t live without


Mobility Roadmap & Vision

Polaris Orion Leo 2014…
iPad for Sales (Online) Hybrid Sales Application Win8/iPad Phone & Android Support Offline Support
  iPad for CRM (On Premise) Hybrid Service Application Device Management
  Basic Customization Advanced Customization Hybrid Marketing Application


Future of Update Rollups and Features

We won´t see any features in upcoming Update Rollups. Update Rollups will continue to roll out fixes for known issues and we will start a new way delivering feature releases.


Polaris Release and around

IMG_1513– Sales Processes taken with the help of using workflows should be migrated to the new process control, cause it is more flexible, more fluent. But this doesn’t mean there will still be some scenarios where a WF is the better choice
– Yammer Integration Febr. Online and maybe July On Premise
– Sharing Documents in Yammer doesn’t mean there’s a SP Story behind right now. But long term Yammer and SP will integrate as well.
– we could have wait longer to publish the new UI, but there are scenarios right now where the new UI fits the needs. Great Feedback from customers and partners so far.


Gemini Release

IMG_1568– before Orion comes (Q3/13) there will be Gemini (Q2/13), actually the Integration of Marketing Pilot


Orion Release

– Even with Orion we won’t see all the entities being updated to the new UI cause there’re just too many
– the long-term goal is having only one Form left – guess which
– classic forms will be removed beginning with Orion
– there will be an upgrading customized forms story from classic to new UI Forms
– Customizations will be taken and migrated to the new UI Form with Orion.
– there will be an administration function to control Auto-Save
– Process Controls will be opened for custom entities in the future as well

– Scripting Support is #1 for new UI with Orion


Online First

IMG_1551– First on cloud, On Premise last is the future. This enables a faster Development of Features, as well as testing, giving more flexibility and make sure it fits market needs.
– „I can also cut butter with a chainsaw, but it is probably not the best tool for it“
– make sure to expand the right way, ensure viability & TCO.


So that´s it. Great content, great event and a great opportunity to network.

So don´t miss the next event. See you there.

Thanks extremeCRM Team for this show.


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