Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 | eXtremeCRM Barcelona / BPF

eXtremeCRMBeen in Barcelona? If not you´ve missed an awesome extreme event As you might have heard there´s an AppChallenge as a pre-event where talented consultants and developers trying to bring an idea to a first sneak preview in just 8 hours. So it was this year where we came up with 4 different concepts. Two teams presented their idea of an event management system using mobile devices and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in the backend. Another concept was an X-Ray for Plug-ins which is a nice way of logging Plug-in actions inside the CRM system and last but not least – a concept of user monitoring to assist CRM usage.

As announced in previous events this time, I helped Nikhil to manage teams, worker-items and support all participants and also introduced the MVP program. Thanks Nikhil and all attendees. Great to connect to you, guys.

I also managed to build a helper library for Business Process Flows which is now online on codeplex at

This small library is to support developers and customizers with SDK events on attributes inside the Business Process Flow and get more control.

Enjoy it.

I hosted 3 sessions. One for Business Process Flows & two Ask-the-Experts and wanted to say thank you this way to all attendees as well as my MVP colleagues Matt Wittemann and Shan McArthur as well as Adam Vero. None of the Ask the Experts sessions would run without the help of great CRM Experts willing to be “on stage” answering so many questions. Thank you.

I got another challenge by preparing a 4th session with Bryan Tuttle in only 30 minutes before session start time. We didn´t want to cancel an already scheduled session and therefore we did it and introduced Flyout menus, Upgrade of Ribbon to Command Bar and a real-world solution: A nice one-click mail merge solution the extreme-Team is using to print attendee badges.

Thank you Bryan – this was real fun and should be done another time…

Thanks the whole organization team. Enjoyed 31/2 days with great content and great networking. You can still access the agenda and login to download the powerpoint slides.

C U next time.

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