eXtremeCRM 2015 Madrid | 2nd Day – from Stormtrooper and Jedis to the new Era of intelligent systems

John VerdonDid I missed something? Or based on Bob Stutz words during todays keynote session: You might ask yourself – what the hell are we talking about?

2nd day in Madrid and still we are at eXtremeCRM (I hope so). But being an attendee of several sessions today as well as networking and talking – it didn´t felt like this. You either could be on a mission becoming an „Expo Stromtrooper“ and for sure knowing a lot about our ISV ecosystem by visiting all the booths – welcome to the dark side…(just kiddin`)

JediOr you could be emphasized making a personal note on your calendar, because you might have heard some familiar sound tracks and seen some well known trailer from the upcoming Star Wars movie – which I should say ended up in a face to face meeting with two Jedis fighting the dark side…

Bob Stutz

And then there was the keynote with Bob Stutz and Param Kahlon teaching us: 

The intelligent system you build to want – your Customer Engagement to understand you have…

Spending more than 8 hours of entertainment, learning, sharing and growing knowledge about the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 Release and even had a sneak peek on what we could expect to see in the fall wave, I have to ask – Do you feel the force growing, little Jedi?

Seriously, we had some fun today and if you couldn´t be with us today, you probably rethink about your eXtremeCRM registration next time. Looking forward on day 3 for continuing our galaxy journey – may the force be with you (us).



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