eXtremeCRM 2015 Madrid | Day 3 – How can I innovate

Bobs FiresideChatIf you´ve ever been to a conference like eXtremeCRM, it probably was never that hard to figure out, how to clone yourself to be part of simultaneously ongoing sessions with topics that gets your attention. The good news is, that the final Fireside Chat with Bob Stutz wasn´t and all of us have been able to ask a question, after getting so much valuable information from either the sessions, conversations, networking or connections after two or three conference days, depending on if you were attending the pre-events.

And even though it is funny to watch who´s going to be the first one having a question (breaking the ice), it is valuable to recognize quotes like:

To me, I haven´t yet figured out what the IoT (Internet of Things) is…

IC_Team_1And then there were our Innovation Challengers presenting their ideas that they´ve been working on for 8 hours. So Team 1 was presenting their concept of a better scheduling, needed for solving business case scenarios.

IC_Team_2Team 2 who where working on a mobile app with OCR business card scanning and recognition to make our next eXtremeCRM networking easier with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

IC_Team_3Team 3 who where working on an unleashed Social Pane control that is configurable, extensible and sortable like users wanna consume their Information. And last but not least…

IC_Team_4Team 4 who were going to introduce us to a CSI crime scene investigation software based on a mobile to Microsoft Dynamics CRM connected framework that could be used to achieve a faster and easier way of working on investigating crimes. As in front of the Innvation Challenge the eXtremeCRM Team and a couple of MVPs and other Contributors had a discussion about the idea of broadening up this format to all registered attendees, whether be a Functional- or Technical Consultant, being a Sales- or Marketing Manager or being a Software Developer. I´m very proud of achiving our goal to emphazise more attendees in showing up and start sharing and growing their knowledge.IC_Pricing

Thanks to our Sponsor (Adxstudio), thanks for all your virtual votes, that I got as a feedback on my first article about the Innovation Challenge and the ideas that we came up with. Thanks to my MVP colleagues ones again attending and sharing their knowledge and experiences as well as introducing (thanks Julie) and guiding the teams up on stage.

And finally another big THANK YOU to the eXtremCRM event team offering such „platform“ – 5th time in a row in EMEA.

As a personal wrap up being an attendee for a couple of years, I should mention, that I was trying to avoid going to eXtreme this time, which ended up in having less sessions, but spending more time in a face to face talk with YOU.

Thanks for your feedback on the work and content that I´m providing and thanks for your support in becoming and staying an MVP. Every comment I got – being negative or positive – is driving innovation. See you soon at eXtremeCRM or anywhere else. Safe travels back home, take care…


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