Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 | F1 Config Continued (Part VI)

Still a couple of configuration steps needs to be finished, before using the FieldOne Sky solution. So today, let´s cover our next steps and start by creating Price-Lists.

Price Lists

FieldOne Sky makes use of the out-of-box available Price Lists. A Price List is a required field to create a Work Order, so you have to create at least one. With Price Lists you define the prices for services or parts that are offered and sold within a Work Order.

Tip: Beside customer based price lists or price lists defined by SLAs, you should have at least a Standard Price LIst that can be used as default.

Work Order Types


Next define Work Order Types, which are also required within a Work Order. They help filtering the amount of Work Orders that are generated. You can associate a Price-List with each Work Order Type and you can also define if an Incident will be needed in relationship with a Work Order.

Service Task Types

ServiceTaskTypesNow think of a typical field service where a service is splits into multiple tasks – let´s assume a printer maintenance. FieldOne Syk solution supports such services by setting up Service Task Types. Each type has a specific duration and order of service task types can be defined. Think of it as having a checklist during providing the service and no item will be missed.


Products are parts that are used for a Work Order and maybe sold to Customers. They can be converted into Customer Assets once used automatically and Products can be of category Inventory or Non-Inventory. Again the default customized Product Entity is used to record Products.

Incident Types

IncidentSkillsLast but not least – for todays configuration part – we can setup Incident Types. Incident Types are common jobs a company performs. They may contain one or more Service Tasks, Products and Services. Skills associated to an Incident Type might define Skills needed to perform the job. Think of Incident Types as a convenient way to define common jobs and once an Incident Type is added to a Work Order all related Tasks, Products, Services and Skills will be tagged within that Work Order. So for instance our Printer Maintenance can be an Incident Type containing several Service Tasks, such as

  • Check Heater Unit
  • Check Printer Unit
  • Check Paper Trays

and Parts (Products), such as

  • new Heater Unit
  • new Toner

As well as all Skills needed to perform that Incident Type.


Not yet finished, but we´re on our final way to complete configuration tasks of FieldOne Sky solution after installing it in a fresh environment. Because of reusing a couple of Out-Of-Box Entities, such as Products, and Price-Lists, Customers already working with those have to think about a concept of re-using – specially if they already customized these themselves.

Stay tuned for another part of Configuration – see ya…

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