Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 | FieldOne Config finished (Part VII)

FieldOne_SettingsAreaAfter finishing the basic desktop application configuration described in Part IV, Part V and Part VI we are now ready to use FieldOne Sky inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 though we haven´t configured all parts that are listed inside the FieldOne Sky Settings area. To ensure you can correctly understand and implement the other topics you can should ask for support from an implementation partner – as I said: This is not a solution that should be installed and configured during weekend and on Monday morning everyone uses it and et voilá – a new customer service experience was born and everyone is happy.

The mobile app

Basically this is because of the mobile application that needs to be installed and configured as well after finishing the setup and configuration steps of the desktop experience. FieldOne from Microsoft currently uses the Resco Mobile Client configured with the help of the Woodford solution installed as either a managed solution inside your CRM (recommended) or as a standalone application.

Setup and Configuration of the Mobile Experience

SolutionsArea_w_RescoWoodfordThe Setup and Configuration comes in three easy steps – assuming you´re familiar with the Resco MobileCRM Woodford solution and the configuration within. Otherwise you should either take the training first from the FieldOne LMS (Learning Management System) or ask an Implementation Partner for support.

First – install the Resco MobileCRM Woodford solution into your CRM Organization.

Second – import the FieldOne Sky Woodford Project Template

Third – Publish the mobile Project Template

ImportingWoodfordMobileTemplateYou´re now ready to configure the mobile application and adjust it to work the way your field service engineers want to work with and/or you´ve adjusted the business process.

After importing the template provide a name, set the priority (which is important if you´re rolling out versions or releases of your template) and then assign it to the four out-of-box provided security roles for FieldOne, from Microsoft and the System-Administrator.  Then open the template and publish it. Otherwise you´re mobile devices won´t get it.


Keep in mind that the main goal of using a field service management application is that field service engineers and dispatchers love to work with it. It must simplify their daily work, support them during reporting and ensure a simple way to use it in many different situations.

If you´ve copied the four out-of-box FieldOne Security roles and adjusted them, make sure you selected these roles as well while importing and publishing the mobile template.

After Installing and publishing the Resco MobileCRM Woodford solution and start opening the administration from the settings area, you´ll be prompted for a one time registration with Resco for a better service experience.

Resco MobileCRM Woodford still uses Silverlight – so you would need to have a browser installed and extension installed to use the configuration engine.

You also need to ensure to assign the newly Resco Mobile Administration Security Role to at least one responsible user taking care of the configuration and management.

There´s currently no Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 solution offered by Resco – you can install the 2015er edition without having issues though.


RescoMobileCRMAfter being forwarded to the Resco page downloading the Resco MobileCRM woodford solution and installing it in version – I wasn´t able to use the FieldOne Sky provided mobile project template. So I returned to the managed solution I was provided from my training course and tried again without downloading the update.

If you´re already familiar with Resco Mobile client and Woodford configuration or you played around a couple of times it doesn´t take too long to understand the concept of configuration and rolling out project templates to mobile devices.

As I´m closing my configuration part series – next time I will take some notes out of working with FieldOne, from Microsoft and when you should consider using it. See you…


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