Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 | CRMUG European Congress 9-10 May

EC%20CRM_Solo_400pxFollowing the latest news regarding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave, customers again will benefit from the latest improvements introduced to provide a sophisticated and outstanding customer service using either Employee self-service, Field Service or Project services or a combination of them.

I´m excited to announce that during the CRMUG European Congress in Stuttgart, Siegfried Leiner and I are going to talk about our roadmap, visions and newly introduced improvements. Starting with the keynote by Siegfried on day one, followed by a series of topics build for users by users, I will talk about

Customer Satisfaction Made Easy

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 15:15 – 16:00

With the new capabilities Microsoft is introducing in the Spring wave to support field and project service, your organization will be provided with an easy to use toolset ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction; by allowing accurate and in-time scheduling, managing and delivering onsite service, whether it be their field technician who is supporting multiple customers on a single day, or complex, multi-day projects. Project service enables complex, multi-day engagements and optimizes resourcing with intelligent, skills-based assignments. And portal capabilities enable your organization to better connect with customers, partners and employees, and provide these groups with a streamlined way to access information, obtain assistance and perform tasks. And best of all – you´re using a multiple awarded service software. Join Carsten Groth from the Microsoft Business Solutions EMEA team talking about our latest improvements and your next toolset to raise your customer satisfaction into new levels.

If you´ve not already signed up for this event, please take a look at the agenda, build exclusive for you to get the best knowledge sharing experience and join us. Switching language…

Wer als CRM Benutzer noch nichts von der CRMUser Group (CRMUG) gehört hat: In dieser Community bieten sich dem interssierten Anwender oder Neuling eine fülle an Informationen – geteilt und zusammengestellt von Benutzern für Benutzer. Neben der Beteiligung an Diskussionen auf der Plattform, bieten sich ebenso zahlreiche Workshops, in denen stets spannende Themen geboten werden, um sein Wissen stätig zu erweitern. In Deutschland haben wir derzeit noch keine lokalen so genannten Chapter-Meetings, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass es im Rahmen der Veranstaltung auch hierzu Neuigkeiten geben wird. Also schnell anmelden und sich einen Vorteil verschaffen…

See you in Stuttgart.

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