Power Platform | Dataverse treasures unpeeled

Hands-up, who didn´t thought about data first, when reading the term Dataverse? In my previous article on Dataverse hidden treasures, I started to unpeel the service and provide more insights on those features that Dataverse should be additionally known for. We started with the category of Environment Lifecycle features and what better way to continue by first offering a visual again:

Dataverse | Hidden treasures – Part I

Before jumping in our next category, did you know that according to a field survey from Mulesoft, the number of projects IT was asked to deliver in 2021 increased by 40%, though almost 52% of them could not be delivered in time and a prominent reason for this is the ability of integration?

  1. Integration

Dataverse doesn´t only allow for storing data, it allows for accessing data in various ways. For instance, did you know that configuring access on data for extended analytics is just a few clicks away with Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse? Citizen Analysts could easily use Synapse Studio to build views on data or even transform data using Apache Spark. Enriched or transformed data can be easily visualized then using Power BI capabilities which closes the loop. You may think this isn´t needed or neither is something for low-code development? Well, think about multiple control towers examples where users need to have quick access on accurate and just-in-time data to make and drive decisions. Here´re some types if you´d like to do a research:

  • Logistics control towers
  • Operational control towers
  • Transportation control towers
  • Analytical control towers
  • Inventory control towers
  • Supply-chain control towers
  • Project control towers
  • Financial control towers

Next, let´s add another category

  1. Security

Following conversations around Dataverse, many times the role-based security access model is where folks struggle with and I have to admit, it´s not easy to understand and read across all documentation. A good starting point is here. Even though I would request this opener saying „Dataverse uses a role-based security model to help secure access to the database.“ Technically not wrong, I would prefer first to talk about securing the environment itself with this security model. And this becomes even clearer, if you walk through the sections Environments without a Dataverse database and the following section Environments with a Dataverse database. It outlines the better flexibility you get considering using Dataverse for Environment security. Or simply said: 2 roles compared to possible 10!

Furthermore, your company might have special regulations that would force to self-manage encryption keys. While your company is protected via „auto-pilot“ by Microsoft storing and managing the database encryption key for your environments – so you don’t have to, the manage keys feature in the Power Platform admin center gives administrators the ability to self-manage the database encryption key that is associated with the Dataverse tenant. You can learn more about this here.

  1. Compliance

Often times Security and Compliance could be seen as a single category. In this case, I´ve split both of them and you´ll get why in the following context. Let me highlight a feature again – in this case Auditing. This could become quite handy, if to answer a question like who deleted this record? Or in other cases, what has been the previous value of a field that got updated?

Dataverse | Additional Hidden Treasures

But that´s not all, above visual shows use that there are additional features in some earlier mentioned categories as well as additional ones. Based on that, you may understand why we should no longer map Dataverse to a data(base) service only. Instead we need to familiarize with the full spectrum of service offers to evaluate using Dataverse in our Organization and when to use the additional available data services.

While this takes time to explore, there´s no „wait until I know it all“ – instead a grow with your level of maturity is possible. Looking forward to drill into more categories in future. Until then,…

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